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Vase 126

This vase is a slight diversion from the designs I have been doing. I am still using vase mode here although the closeup shot of the lips looks as if it has an inner shell.

In real life this vase is beautiful with it’s gently sweeping curves. The photo doesn’t show this very well.

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Vase 123

The Timberfill Rosewood fillament is working pretty good. If you look closely you can see the print is a little ‘hairy’. These fibers tend to clog the nozzle so I often pause the printer before it starts printing the side walls and quickly clean the nozzle. I pause the printer,

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Experiment in Wood

I love the look of objects that are printed in ‘wood’ filaments. At least when I can get them to print.

The main issue I’ve had is the nozzle clogs up. But  today I got a roll of Fillamentum Timberfill Cinnamon filament. And with some tweaking I got it to print.

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Vase 3 Bamboo

I’ve had a lot of problems printing in wood. Often the nozzle gets clogged and filament stops coming out. Also the print is ‘hairy’ which probably contributes to the clogging.

The dark lines occurred when I paused the printer and wiped the nozzle off. Doing this I was able to extend the print time and print a larger object.

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