Edge Test

With a mug you want the edge to be functional so it doesn’t drip and is comfortable on your lips. But you also want it to be aesthetically pleasing.

When designing a vase the aesthetics might be the most important factor. However you still want to make sure there are no sharp edges that might cut you.

Usually with a vase you want the top edge to be finished so the vase feels/looks completed.

With the 3d items I’ve been making I’ve just started to think about how I might ‘finish’ a design.

As a test I made two versions of this vase. On one  I modified the shell so it looks like a fillet or chamfer. I did it this way because it was printed in vase mode and is a single shell thick. The other one I just left plain.

If the item has some thickness I can fillet the top edge to make the vase or mug look finished.

I think I prefer the one with the one one the right with the pseudo fillet. But I feel like I’ve just begun this experiment.

Design Software: Rhino
Slicing Software: Simplify3d
Printer: Ultimaker 2+
Filament: PLA Red (Gizmo Dorks)
Layer: .1mm.
Nozzle: .4mm