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Learning Ideas


Play with the different software packages until you find one that ‘clicks’ for you. That makes sense to you and you will remember how to use when you come back to it a week later.

Each has their own personality and one may be better for the type of work you hope to design.

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The Learning Curve

Let’s be real here. The learning curve for 3d design and printing is steep.

You have to learn the modeling software and also have to learn the printing process.

Before I discourage you, let me say doing this is worth it! So hang in there and keep playing.

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SU Red Vase

This is an early vase that I created using SketchUp. I drew the profile and then revolved it around a rectangle.

I really recommend trying various modeling software until you find one that works best for your type of designs. I liked SketchUp a lot, but I didn’t think it was a good match for the organic forms I hope to make.

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