Monthly Archives: April 2016

Experiment in Wood

I love the look of objects that are printed in ‘wood’ filaments. At least when I can get them to print.

The main issue I’ve had is the nozzle clogs up. But  today I got a roll of Fillamentum Timberfill Cinnamon filament. And with some tweaking I got it to print.

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Edge Test

With a mug you want the edge to be functional so it doesn’t drip and is comfortable on your lips. But you also want it to be aesthetically pleasing.

When designing a vase the aesthetics might be the most important factor. However you still want to make sure there are no sharp edges that might cut you.

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The Learning Curve

Let’s be real here. The learning curve for 3d design and printing is steep.

You have to learn the modeling software and also have to learn the printing process.

Before I discourage you, let me say doing this is worth it! So hang in there and keep playing.

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Giraffe Pendent

I’ve always liked voronoi patterns. I took a photograph of a giraffe, imported the image as a background and hand drew the pattern. This was before I realized there are websites that have the math to draw voronoi patterns. Even Tinkercad has voronoi templates to use.

But in this case the design software I used was Rhino.

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Vase 5 in White PLA

This is the same as Vase 3 except I made it shorter by modifying it in Rhino.

I played around with adjusting the size in the slicing software and that seemed to work pretty well. Although I know usually it’s recommended that you change the size within the design software.

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ES Cage

This is an experiment.

On I noticed a post about ES-Cage printing and it’s benefits. So I had to try it.

Sure enough the structure printed quickly and is quite strong for such a thin print.

The designer/creator, Erik, provided a great tutorial on how to do this design. 

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